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For my nosy readers seeking a Black blogging experience! Is there someone missing from the list? Someone with frequent or recent posts?  Help grow the list and share in the comments below!



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Uplift Our Queens: A black man showing love and appreciation for Black women.

That Black Queen: Uplifting and empowering women of color

Dear African GirlHelping the African Girl find herself between the roots and expectations of her community and the enticement of the western society

Black Girl Thoughts: Your average 22 year old, just exploring life and all of the wonderful things it has to offer!

HerBlackAnonymousMD: My singular experience being a black, female medical student.

Forever Black Effusion: Black Positivity

Amos Magazine: Organization for the Biological Survival of Africa People

Diary of an Egress: Observations of an Invisible Woman

The Blacker the Berry: A Blog for Conscious Empowerment by Kiara Lee

Shelby Courtland: Bringing Social Issues to the Forefront.

Politics and Fashion: Where the Revolution Meets Fly

AfroSapiophile: Intelligent Black Thought.

Blvckiscarefree: Life of a carefree black student.

Black Leadership Analysis: An unofficial Spiral Dynamics blog.

I Post Up When You Come Around: Petty opinions of a self-proclaimed know nothing.

Booking Anita: Writer. Author. Poet. Blogger

Black Professional Magic: Celebrating Blackness through Critical Thought & Coalition-Building

Pasha Delray: An artist, advocate and student currently based in Seattle

Powerful Black Stories: A Leader in Urban Media

Words by the River: An Uncommon Opinion from a Common Man

The Militant Negro: The Militant Negro: When A Man Speaks Truth With NO Concern For Consequences, He Then Becomes A Great Man

Sky Britnei: Lifestyle . Self-Love . Inspiration

Beautiful Intellect: Black women & Mental Health: The Superwoman Syndrome

The Mewve: what to do and where to be!

African Essence: an exploration of the Afrikan Diaspora.

Natural Hair Lounge: Natural Hair Care.DIY.Lifestyle.Inspiration.

It’s A Black Girl Thing: Lifestyle Blog for the Fiercely, Fabulous, Millennial Black Woman.

Good Black NewsYour Source For The Good Things Black People Do, Give and Receive All Over The World.

Kushite KingdomDark Matter Consciousness!  Dedicated to finding solutions to all who suffer under white supremacy. Covering issues that affect us in the African diaspora.

4unansweredprayers: “We Tell Pictures, We Snap Stories, We Question Answers”

MindSightCollective: Futuristic Melanin Strategists.

25, Black, and Alive: Spreading knowledge, wisdom and understanding to the people.

African Blood SiblingsAn African War without an African Army is an African Genocide

The Curl Club: A quick read blog for natural and curly hair. Encouraging, educating, and empowering all curl types.

Black Eye MagBecause there’s no black future without no black vision.

Zone of Non-being: A space to engage in constructive dialogue about social issues.

Gray SuedeHella black.  No one loves, appreciates, uplifts or advocates Black women more than Black women.

RaceBaitR: Race baiting with a deck full of race cards.  A community of people genuinely interested in learning more about race, racism and intesectionality.

Black MillennialsCultural Empowerment for Black 20-somethings.

Black&SmartThe place for thinking Black folks.

Soul Brother SpeaksWelcome to the land of the REAL. Unique observations of life.

Negros With A PodcastFour negros. Four opinions. One podcast.

Gripping BlackRiveting thoughts of a black scribbler turned: writer, poet, educator, motivator..CREATOR.

Affluent Blacks of DallasAn online society for established and upwardly mobile black professionals, and those who aspire to be.

World Is AfricaPolitics, Music, Movies and Books.

My $0.02Love, Life and Relationships from a Young Black Male.

Original-DanteContemplations From A Black Star Citizen.

Ink My Kinks: Hair care, lifestyle, love and energy for healthy hair, beauty, thrifting and fashion.

Renaissance WarriorFather + drummer + librarian.

KEYSHA JADE UK: A black girls guide to self-love & self-mastery.

EverythingShaquana: Spreading positivity, unity, respect in hopes of inciting spiritual and social transcension worldwide.

Thrift Element : The Blog: Sparking the conversation of Black art, music, film and social issues.

Healthy.Nappy.Nerdy.MommyLife chronicles about healthy living, natural hair and nerdy interest as a loving wife and mother.

Sincerely, TyraThe Fugitive Writer.

Soul Mommas: The awesome positives powers and privileges of young motherhood, natural beauty, music and nutrition!  Because being a momma takes a whole lot of soul.”

Fearlessly Living: The Black Girl’s Guide to Surviving Life.

Eddie Star Blog: “If I don’t make you uncomfortable, than I’ve failed.”

Blackgirlsblush.comAfrican Beauty, Lifestyle & Fashion Hub.  A celebration of authentic individuality.

Magnificent Mishaps:  When Getting It Wrong Goes Right.  A Conscious Corner to blow your mind.

The Urban DailyBlack Music, Movies, Urban News, Celebrity & Hip-Hop

Blvckiscarefreelife of a carefree black student.

The Empowerment of Queens: Stop the competitions and conquer kingdoms together instead.

Southern Laced: Getting Laced on Life, Love, Arts, Inspiration & Real Life People.

The Couch Sports: Culture & Sports Online.

Tunisia Jolyn: Sharing music, art, writing, and multimedia projects to uplift, inspire, challenge, motivate and elevate collectively and individually.

She SpeaksMommy Tells it Like it Is.

Lunzione’s World: Natural Hair Journey. Travel. Skincare & Beauty. DIY. Life.

BeeeKillinInspiring Women.

Purple Cravings: Empowering women to be eccentric; to rock their crowns and purple flowers.

The Medici Files: Young, Black & Noble as Fuck.

Just Ask Ariel: Openly creating, believing and sharing perspectives with hope and humor.

Esmesha Campbell: Musings of Fashion, Art and Culture.

BlackGirlRantingThe musings & rantings of a black girl trying to dismantle the system.

Glogger: my perception of the world around me.

Awkward Black girl: Teetee


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