Day 9: If You Could Have Any Job In The World, What Would It Be?

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Hey nosies!


Think about how much of your present has fueled your past- the decisions that you’re currently making … the decisions that you’ve already made and the ones that you plan on making.

A person’s past holds so much power in their life.  It gives them a sense of belonging, purpose and understanding of who they really are and even of their behaviors.

One of the most powerful careers to me is that of a historian.  How amazing would it be to have the knowledge and tools to research the past…or your own history even.  To hold the answers to so many mysteries.  I hate that I rely on someone else to relay to me the pertinent information about who I am and where I come from.  I hate that I have to question if they are recreating it – destroying a memory and replacing it with one that would best suit their own agenda.

I would love to get hands-on with my past…to never question the truth…



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9 Comments on Day 9: If You Could Have Any Job In The World, What Would It Be?

  1. If I could have any job, ANY JOB, in the world, I would be an entrepreneur, such as public speaking on love, dating and relationships, building and expanding the business from my #1 bestseller books to the theatre and everything in between!

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  2. Are you talking about interactive ? Or studying people out on a “date?” I want to hear more. I’m actually talking more like a book reading , sharing a little bit of my book/s, to a camera audience and ending with YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?! or YOU HAVE LOST YOUR MIND!, the title of my books. Like planting the “buy my book now for more” seed. Lol

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    • Neither! lol. I mean strictly using the location as your backdrop as you talk to your camera audience. But the background noise might get too loud from time to time. I’ve never made videos before so I have no idea what all goes into them lol

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      • Lol You are too funny. It sure sounds like you know what you’re talking about!😄 I love it. I like your ideas. Being that I ‘m a new-bee to it as well, I will definitely keep you posted!!!!! Then, you’ll be a pro! Lol

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