Day 16: What Are Your Views on Mainstream Music?

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Hey nosies!

Let’s just say whenever I’m forced to listen, I usually tune out the lyrics and just focus on the beat.  Every now and then you get a good, quality song that sneaks its way in, but for the most part I usually find myself let down.

Truthfully, anything that results in a bandwagon effect lets me down and turns me off.  I like music that is unapologetic and bold in trendsetting.  It’s almost as if music today gains its popularity based on whats trendy instead of creating the trend (or maybe its the other way around).  Either way, for quite some time now, it seems like degrading and bashing each other (and focusing on sex vs. love) is what’s trendy.  Neither of which are 2 of my favorite things.  For someone who longs for relationships to be embraced again, I’m not a fan.  Is it just me or can you see how mainstream music has encouraged the divide in relationships?

The other thing that disturbs me about mainstream music is how often artists will change their stance or position on these trending topics.  One minute they’re “sexualizing” infidelity and the next minute their pro-love.  I can’t tell who an artist is or what they represent because the message behind their music changes like the weather. And falling in love with the artist is the best part of a musical experience! I prefer music and artists that stay true to who they are; with their music growing and changing with them rather than the trends.  You can either get with their program or choose another program.  Yes, I want my music experience to be genuine.  But I guess in a sense that I’m multi-faceted so I should expect our music artists to be also, right?

But being multi-faceted doesn’t have to mean “lacking in quality.”  When was the last time you read song lyrics without the music and could find the story behind the song?  When I read lyrics, I should be able to see a story in front of me.  Seriously, try reading the lyrics to a trending song and see if you can even follow the topic.  If music is needed to make your song, then your song is garbage.

One thing that I do like about mainstream music is that its easy to listen to because it doesn’t require much thought.  And its easier to vibe with something that everyone else is vibing off of.  But I would much rather trade it in for something more original, informative, enlightening or inspirational.  Currently, mainstream music is only for venting, whining and to justify acting out and hurting each other.  Where are the unforgettable songs that impact your life long-term?





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23 Comments on Day 16: What Are Your Views on Mainstream Music?

  1. Yes, mainstream music is almost garbage, especially the rap and anything the crotch-holders sing, but every now and then one of them “hits” it. Never thought I’d be fleeing to Old School and Old-Soul, and Indie tunes, but that’s where you find the memorable lyrics. King, Indie.Arie, Algebra Blessett, Gregory Porter, Andra Day and a bunch of jazz…that’s who’s been in my ear lately. But today at the bank I heard Show and Tell by Al Wilson and thought, “now THAT was a love song” LOL.

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    • Ooooh I have to check this out. And yes I never thought I would have a playlist of my own on repeat – the same dang playlist for 3 years smh. It shouldn’t have to be this way lol

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  2. I am so corny with my music. I love Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber so much. I have no shame!

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  3. I have three grandchildren in their early 20s and one 16-year-old, the music they all listen to, though different, is totally foreign to their 73-year-old grandmother. There are times, when with them, I enjoy listening to some of the music. There are other times when I am totally shocked by the language used that is used. I understand, though, they have the same right to make their music choices as I did in my day — Annie Had A Baby was a shocker to my parents back in the 1950s.

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    • This is true! I remember my mom hating what I listened to- especially midnight love. Sometimes I wonder if it can even get much worse. Its been going downhill with each generation with vulger, language, content…what’s next?!


  4. Not a fan of the music I hear any more.

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  5. You sound all wise on this post! I had this saved, and I’m just getting to it. I agree. I do like Jonathan McReynolds not mainstream, Mali Music, Francesca Batestilli, India.Arie, Lalah Hathaway, Lady Antebellum,…and sadly I used to love me some 50 cent. Well the few songs I would hear from him back in the day. Haha

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  6. The plan is to do one more for the challenge and the the letter of love (that’s not the name of it) lol. But I work my part time job tonight, rolling my eyeballs

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