Day 19: What Is Your Biggest Regret In Life?

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Hey nosies!

From the picture, I’m sure it comes as no surprise that my biggest regret is related to college.  When I was in high school, I had the biggest dreams and goals.  In my mind, the sky was the limit!  I wanted to own a magazine so badly that I had actually started working on the business plan (without even knowing that it was a business plan) and started recruiting talent for my magazine.  I was such an entrepreneur with SO many skills and talents. I was a beast, to say the least!

Unfortunately, this was also the era where college had changed from being an option to an expectation.  My parents were part of the generation of African Americans able to function in society after high school with just a diploma.  Having a degree was a privilege for them but not mandatory.  But for my generation, college was trendy and expected…taking advantage of the opportunity was my responsibility.  And in my house, getting a degree was mandatory.  Well…I could either get a degree or get out and “getting out” didn’t seem as attractive as it does now.  So the preparation for my college experience began.

At this time, my father and I had a falling out and he wasn’t in the picture.  Our “breakup” couldn’t have come at a worse time.  Why? Because he was the voice of reason when it came to finances and investments.  My mom was more into accomplishing goals by any means necessary.  I remember her having me sign here and sign there on endless loan agreements.  I remember asking her what interest rates were and how they would impact me.

“You’ll have loans Josie, its inevitable.  You’ll be paying them back your whole life just like me.  You’ll manage.”

Those weren’t my mom’s exact words but they’re pretty close.  My mom was certain that I would enter a career that would be profitable.  It was a simple formula in her eyes:

loans = degree = better career options = more money = to pay loans back AND some

But neither of us had any idea how the loan consolidation options would change as the years passed.  And neither of us knew that I would graduate with no interest in my field of study.

I waited years (and I mean, YEARS) before making a payment on my student loans – taking classes to defer my loans.  I didn’t want to make a payment until finding a great career where the payments wouldn’t inconvenience me financially.  But I never found that career.

After realizing that it was time to face that reality, I started the process of loan repayments.  THIS is when I learned what an interest rate really was and how it would impact me the rest of my life.  My loans had doubled due to many interest rates of 9.75% on loans of $15,000.  My loans were sitting at $650 a month with no consolidation options, seeing as they were private.

Just like the other million college graduates who made bad choices, I’ve had to trade any hopes of doing what I really love for a life of 2 jobs to avoid wage garnishment and bad credit.  I could always enter a new career path with more opportunities but its hard to explore your options after working 13 hour shifts throughout the week, with only one day off work.

The irony of my regret is that I actually work as a college recruiter! But I’ve made it my goal to never let any student that I work with have an experience similar to mine.  I am an open book of do’s and don’t’s from my personal experience and I’m voluntary with my advice.  Many of the students I work with are first generation college students who don’t know what questions to ask.  That’s what I’m here for.  College is a wonderful investment if done properly.  I didn’t handle things correctly and its affected my entire life.  I basically live to work, while trying to fit in a little life here and there.

I would trade my degree in, in a heartbeat if it meant I could start over.




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33 Comments on Day 19: What Is Your Biggest Regret In Life?

  1. What a great topic! The dreaded college loans are every student’s (and parent’s) worst nightmare. Due to planning on my mom’s part along with a little help from the government, I was thankfully able to get through my undergraduate degree loan-free. I am currently in graduate school, however, at a private university (Yikes!), and am facing an immense amount of loans. I am hoping my future career will be lucrative, but if not I will be facing a lifetime of rice and beans.

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    • Ahhh, not rice and beans!! Haha. Don’t let those loans keep you from a good meal! :D. It sounds like your mom set a great example for you to follow with planning; I envy you! On the bright side of your new loan adventure…if you were going to take loans out for education, grad school was the way to go. What are you studying and what made you choose a private university?

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      • I am in school for Occupational Therapy. My whole career has revolved around working with students, and I wanted to take it a step further by becoming certified to work one-on-one to help students with disabilities adapt to the learning environment. There aren’t very many OT schools, and I happen to live where the closest one is private. It’s a great school, though, so I am fortunate.

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        • Wow! That is such a wonderful career to pursue. I have a friend who works as an after school teacher for students with disabilities. She talks a lot about how wonderful her kids are and how important it is for them to have more targeted attention. Good for you!


  2. I think mine is not insisting Danny and I leave Florida years ago Before he got the job here at the park.
    I live our life but the climate is not good for me.

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  3. Wow, the post was so real! Being in debt is difficult. I can definitely relate. I’m still paying off my loans and someday I hope to be debt free.

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  4. While progressive/liberal politicians see the value and addressing the issue of student debt, I hope others reach this conclusion. Those who choose to a pursue higher education should not be burdened with excessive debt.

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    • I totally agree. What bothers me is that most of the focus has been placed on helping prevent excessive debt for current and future college students. But the ones who are REALLY in need of help are the ones who have already graduated.


  5. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. Unfortunately, I think it’s the norm. I didn’t think anything of interest rate when I was taking out student loans, and “just defer” was the college student mentality back in my day. Neither of my parents were good with money but, fortunately, it was my aunt who instilled in me good financial sense. She drilled into me that good credit was everything. (And she was right!)

    That and simple mathematics made me want to pay off my student loans ASAP. Interest rates meant I would pay more than the original price on everything purchased on credit. I couldn’t stand the thought! I also couldn’t stand the thought of continuing to pay for something I bought long ago. I inherently knew that once I paid off all debt, it would be like getting an automatic huge raise.

    After I graduated from college, I continued living in poverty so that I could accelerate payoff of my student loans and my credit card debt. I fully paid off all debt within 5 years of graduation despite making pennies for salary. However, ever since that painful life lesson, I have refused to get myself into debt again.

    I worked all through college so, relatively speaking, my debt repayment wasn’t nearly as painful as it could have been.

    I really feel for those who are stuck in a tough cycle of repayment and trying to get ahead. I was lucky that I did it when I was so young and was used to being a starving student. It would be much tougher now with kids for sure!

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    • Heck yes, it would be a LOT harder with kids! Sometimes I’m hesitant to even have kids because I’m afraid that I won’t be able to provide for them like this. Is that crazy? I wish I would have spent the money I made working, on the loans. And I wish I wouldn’t have chosen the most expensive housing to live in. I don’t think I had any idea what I was doing to myself back then smh. But, its life and like you said – I’m not the only one with this struggle. I’m glad you were wise enough to make the right moves! I wouldn’t wish this on anyone lol


  6. Ahh students loans really are the worst. I’m so sorry that you had such a horrible experience. I do regret not figuring out what career I wanted sooner, but I try not to dwell on it so much.

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  7. So true! I’m actually lucky because I ended up doing City Year, an americorps program they gave me money towards school. I then got pregnant and ended up at community college. 5 years for a 2 year degree but over all, no student loans and no college tuition debt. I guess my son kind of saved me there. Now he is looking at college and him and I have discussed this topic. I want him to get a degree but not if it means thousands in debt. Great topic.

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  8. It seems like every avenue we are told to take to live the “American Dream” lands us in debt. From furthering our education to buying a car or house or working so hard just to buy things we don’t need. These can all be great things but there aren’t enough people exposing the dark avenues of loans or overspending!

    Thanks for this! And kudos to you for turning your story into something positive for the students you encounter.

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    • Thank you! I truly believe that higher education was designed to profit the wealthy and keep those in poverty, stagnant. I want those kids who are as ignorant as I was to understand how to make it work for them. And you’re so right, and I never thought of it that way … the “American Dream” has a cost in every direction, doesn’t it? Wow…

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  9. It is a trap that many fall into. The subject of free education was also a hot topic on Scandal this week. Shonda Rhimes is always on top of things. I pray our next president does something to relieve the millions of people struggling to repay student loans.

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