Chris Knight: How I Knew She Was The One

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chris knightBefore she came into my life…I was arrogant, hard headed, and unwavering in my stance to fall in love. I was that guy who had his whole life planned out. I believed that I would be the most eligible millionaire bachelor by 30, and I was not going to let a woman stop me from reaching that dream.

Up until I met Kristina, I had dated women who wanted to keep me in a box. They did not allow me to stretch myself to be better or to reach for my dreams as a businessman. I was starting to believe that I wouldn’t enter another relationship until I reached every goal that I had set for myself. In February of 2014, everything changed.

Well Mr. Zuckerberg, I have to give you a bit of credit for my happiness. Ms. Avant and I had been Facebook acquaintances for quite some time, but I never took notice before.  I was searching my friends list for people who I thought would be interested in my business proposition. I came across Ms. Avant’s page and of course I found her very attractive. I told her about the project that I was working on and she gladly gave me her number to speak more about it.

The first time talking to her on the phone was like two old friends catching up.

We had an immediate connection and our conversation flowed very naturally. She was a very intelligent, well spoken, and ambitious woman. But most importantly, I could sense the love and compassion she had for people and her family.

We decided to meet up on our lunch break a few days later to grab pizza. I did my best to keep a straight face and talk business as planned. I noticed that she was very engaged; holding onto every word that I was saying with a smile on her face. From that moment on, we began to work together on our business plan.

KristinaWe traveled together. We spent nearly every day together. Now normally when I am around someone too much, I can easily grow bored with them.  But I noticed that this time, boredom wasn’t happening at all. She easily became my best friend. I told her my secrets and emotions which I had held in for years, and she did the same. It felt great to talk to someone about my fears, concerns, and dreams.

Seven months had passed and although 75% of my free time was spent with Ms. Avant, I kept feeling like I wasn’t good enough for her.

I kept trying to find a reason not to fall in love because I felt a woman would simply hold me back from being “great”.

My cockiness almost caused me to lose one of the greatest blessings ever. I didn’t know that she needed me just as much as I needed her.

For the first time ever, I truly found all of the qualities in a woman that I had prayed for. All that a man wants in a woman is someone who believes in him when everyone else doubts him. Ms. Avant is all of that and more. She has taught me how to love, how to forgive, how to be supportive, and how to be a husband after Gods heart.

For any man or woman out there reading this, I pray you find that person who causes you to shift your whole paradigm that you had planned. The most important part about finding love is that you have to be patient and put it in God’s hands. You have to write down and pray about who you want. Do not settle for less and try to view a man or a woman as a fixer-up project. No one is perfect, and growth is constant.

Find someone who wants to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually everyday! Find someone who loves a complete stranger just as much as they love their family. Love is the most powerful force in the world. Without love, mountains wouldn’t have been scaled. Companies would have not have been created. Entire nations would not exist.

I have learned that love is unconditional. It doesn’t have to be earned; it is freely given.

Guest Blogger: Chris Knight

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3 Comments on Chris Knight: How I Knew She Was The One

  1. Wow…this is so touching to read, we truly fell in love unexpectedly. I knew that you were special, you presence was different and it intrigued me. I was drawn to your mind, your ambition, your spirituality as well as your handsomeness. Love you!

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  2. “All that a man wants in a woman is someone who believes in him when everyone else doubts him.” Talk about an eye opening statement. That line literally gave me goosebumps. I am truly impressed with the sincerity, the writing, and most of all the advice to those still looking for love. Bravo Mr. Knight.

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  3. Glad you found love!

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