Day 3: What Are Your Top 5 Pet Peeves?

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Hey nosies!

1. This is going to sound incredibly petty but my biggest pet peeve of all time would be people getting onto the elevator before I can exit. Like… seriously…what are you doing?? Do you not know how much you’re freaking me out by cornering me in the back when I’m trying to exit?  I instantly go into a panic attack.  “Must make it out before doors close” repeatedly runs through my head as I try to push through you.

I. cannot. ride. the. elevator. another. time.

I just can’t! The time it takes to go up and down twice…*cringe*! And  how stupid you would look if I got stuck on here with you.  Would you not feel as awkward as I would…knowing its all your fault? I should just slap you.

2. People who cancel plans with me AFTER the time that they were supposed to have met up with me. I mean…I kind of figured that out already. But thanks? Only a socially challenged individual understands how much it takes for a recluse to make plans with someone. That in itself is a feat worth celebrating. You crapping on that just set me back a thousand “yes”s.  You have no idea what you’ve done.

3. People who flick me off in traffic drive me up a wall. Which is unfortunate because I live in Chicago, the city of professional middle fingers. It’s just SO cowardly. We both know you wouldn’t have the balls to give me the bird if I wasn’t being confined by this Corolla. You punk a**, punk faking road thug.

4. Movie theater comedians. Do you know how BOLD of a person you have to be to go into a theater of 40+ people and strategically ruin their night without fear of being attacked? You HAVE to see yourself as invincible to do something like that! And the thought of YOU thinking you’re invincible is enough to keep me from approaching you while you singlehandedly ruin my night. Do you really think that what you have to say is more important than the $20 that we each spent to get in here? And you’re not even funny! So why are you doing this to me?

5.   I hate when I loan people dishes (not Tupperware, but dishes) and they tell me they can’t find it when I ask for it back. What do you mean? How many places could it be? Dishwasher, sink, cabinet…wtf



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17 Comments on Day 3: What Are Your Top 5 Pet Peeves?

  1. Lol Too funny! I’m with you on people canceling, especially AFTER we we planned to meet. My favorite excuse, I mean reason, is (in a text!) “Omg. I totally forgot….” Really?! That’s your story?!!! Or, my ultimate fav is “My cell phone died…” Okay. Now you’re about to die. Lol

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    • Seriously! Your phone died? We both know your phone didn’t die. I instantly run to Facebook to check their timeline to see if they have posted within the last hour too lol. Little liars! I’m the type to call you out about it too – no forgiveness. Do you ever give second chances when people do that or is that the LAST time you let them into your schedule?

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      • Liar! Liar! Pants on fire! You’re my Sistah from another mother. Lol No forgiveness! IF we do get together, it’s you hollerin’ at me, asking me to do what I’m doing and getting into. I have made plans with friends to go out, they cancel and I still go. 😉 I keep it movin’. 😃 They, then have to catch up!😛

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  2. Hmmm….My top 5 pet peeves are:
    1) No manners. Would it hurt you to say please, thank you or excuse me?!!! If someone bumps into me, I say “Excuse you.” They look at me either in shock or in embarrassment. Own up to your mistake. Whether you are young or old, find your ‘nice words.’ Lol And if you can’t, I will gladly help you, with a smile, of course!

    2) Dirty dishes in the sink. Scream! One cup leads to a fork or spoon. Then, a plate and before you know it…you have a sink full of dirty dishes!!!! Who wants to wash, much less look at that?!!!! Living with it or visiting it. Not I, said this ‘fly’ Diva. 😉

    3) An unmade bed. When you get out of bed in the morning, make the bed! It’s just that simple. The room looks better when the bed is made AND I feel it’s more inviting at the end of night.

    4) Clutter. I’ve been told “…It’s organized clutter…” There is no such thing!!!!! You’re just messing, Miss/Mister Messy! Lol Don’t get me wrong. I am not annal or a “neat freak “, but I am a visual person. So, first looks are lasting. It can make or break my energy.

    5) Children out in public at restaurants with a cell phone or iPad in front of them while eating. This just chaps my hinny. Whatever happened to talking to and interacting with your child/ren?! Ooooh, and don’t get me started on parents ordering for the food for their child/ren age ten or older!! 🎵 Let them grow, let them grow! ( my version of ‘Let It Go’ Frozen song) ;)

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    • Oh my goodness. We share ALL of the same pet peeves. I don’t like when I see children with iPads and cell phones period. Not even just at dinner. Its so limiting you know?! Let those kids go be kids.

      The bed thing – I LIVE BY. I cannot leave my house with my bed not made. I need to come home and feel like its summoning me into its excellence *ahhh*

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  3. If you leave water around the sink o touch me with white hands!
    Not saying please or thank you
    Staring at me…so rude, so rude. Lol in my head I turn ten types of crazy. Funny about the elevator

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    • lmao at the water around the sink. Oh my gosh that is the worst! No no no – the worst is when its HAIR left in the sink. *barf*… I love how you said you turn 10 types of crazy. Girrrrlllllll you and me both ahaha!


  4. hahaha the 3rd point is quite something

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  5. Wow, how can people not return something they’ve borrowed?! Especially a dish! Thank god that’s never happened to me! I would have been pissed.

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  6. Hunny! Tell me about it. AND YOU LIVE IN THE SAME APARTMENT BUILDING AS I!!! What’s worse is that it was my Grandma’s set before she passed away that I was thinking of when I wrote this. I had no business loaning it out but I never thought you would lose a dish. smh


  7. That elevator though! That’s when my hood kicks in and It’s fight or flight. I need to get off of this thing. Lol

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  8. LOL…. good one! I’m with you on the elevator and driving one. Ha ha.

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