5 Dating Trends That Must Go

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As we progress further into 2016, so has my distaste for certain dating practices (many of which I admit to being guilty of).  I am fully content with dating myself (article soon to come) until I cross paths with someone that won’t make me regret rolling out of bed.  Lets get right into it! Here are


No more Netflix and Chill.  No more Hulu and Hang.  And I’m going to be proactive here and say no Firestick and F***.  I don’t know when couch dates went from being a backup plan to becoming the norm but I curse the day that they did.  I understand that they are the least expensive dates possible, requiring the least amount of effort.  But so does your date.  A couch date says 1 of 4 things: you either lack creativity, you lack funds, you lack respect for your date or you lack patience for intimacy.  None of which leaves the greatest impression.  If you want to play video games, board games or hold a deep conversation – that’s great!  Just do so in a place that makes your date less vulnerable.

giphy (7)

I know its been rumored that chivalry is dead but I regret to inform you that women aren’t quite ready to say their goodbye’s.  Nothing excites a lady more than being treated like one.  And as bossy as we can tend to be at times, many of us still like a man who can take the wheel – literally.  There’s something about picking up my date and dropping him off that makes me feel like I’m wearing a pair of gray Hanes boxers.  Can we just meet up instead?  Trust me sir…there’s something sexy about being in the passenger seat while you’re in control.

giphy (10)

If you don’t own a car, no problem!


You can thank me later!

I love a man who offers to pick up the tab just as much as the next woman.  But it doesn’t hurt to take a little pressure off your frantic guy.  A small gesture can go a long way.  Offer to get the first round of drinks, an extra appetizer or just help with the tip!  Not only does it show how self-sufficient and considerate you are, but it also reassures him that you’re not like the last chic who was only out for a free meal.  Depending on how financially stable and chivalrous your date is, he might not even accept!  But at least he knows that you’re invested in this date as much as he is.

giphy (12)

There’s nothing that causes more confusion than my phone ringing after the entire city has shut down.  Is this an emergency?  Because ain’t nothing open this time of night except legs, White Castles and the neighborhood bar.  Unless you’re calling to engage in the sexiest, in-depth conversation of all time or to give up the goods, I suggest you try a Facebook message instead.  At least you’ll get a temperature check for seeing if your midnight mind-walker is even awake.  Don’t make your new friend question your intentions.  Just wait until the morning.

giphy (16)

I remember when this phrase was used as a pre-date guide to calm the anxious one.  Now its used as a placeholder for effort (also code for “take your clothes off”).  I love spontaneity and surprises.  But I also love knowing you felt I was worth some thought and effort even more.  Try mixing the two and surprise your date with a plan.  Have a time set aside just for your date; no winging it or playing it by ear.  Fellas, leave your house early enough to grab her some flowers.  Ladies, make time to grab a few bucks from the ATM and help him with that tip!  If you really want to show out, schedule the date a day or two in advance!  There’s something quite flattering about knowing that you weren’t someone’s backup plan.

What dating trends are you ready to kick to the curb?

  Nosy Josie

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Josie is an aspiring writer living in Chicago Illinois, inspiring self-love through her own tragicomic life journey. Follow Josie as she details her collection of dating fails, life lessons and heart-to-heart confessions with her nosy readers.

22 Comments on 5 Dating Trends That Must Go

  1. I am a big fan of couch dates. I love staying in, ordering food, and watching movies. However, this should not happen the first couple of times you hang out with a guy. If the guy wants to “Netflix and Chill” the second date, then it’s pretty obvious what he’s really looking for.

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  2. Love this. I agree 100% with #3, but you would be surprised by the number of women that don’t believe in that. #5 is also used as a way to say “let’s keep it light because I don’t want to commit right now.”

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    • Ooooh you’re not lying about #5. I don’t want to play those games anymore , I swear. I’m done done done with that! And yes, I found out just how many women are against #3 when the guys wrote their 30 tips for women lol


  3. Good one! I hate couch dates…even when I’m dead tired. There’s something nice about being out there with the rest of the world…. and I absolutely offer to pay for something…. which usually ends up being the tip :)

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    • We are 2 of a kind when it comes to the tip. I always want to help out because I know times are hard and he may be broke like me lol. I appreciate his effort with wanting to take me out, even still and it doesn’t hurt to help a little :). But yes , being out in the world where there is actual life happening is the best date! It makes getting acquainted more fun too.

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  4. OMG YES YES YES AND YES…..can I like this 1000 times???
    I am ALL for ALL of those things AFTER sufficient time has been invested to establish a familiarity level of connection. First date, Netflix and Chill?? Ummmm NO. Please either pick me up or meet me there….IF YOU asked YOU offer to pay….I am happy to pay my way or your way or both our ways AFTER the first date… I guess I am old fashioned but I really do prefer chivalry and the gentleman’s code… THANK YOU for this!

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    • You are welcome sistergirl and I’m glad you enjoyed it! I have always let everything on this list happen and wondered why I wasn’t getting the results I truly wanted. Its crazy how long it took for me yo no longer have an interest in these things (so early on, as you said. Because later on, I’m definitely down to Netflix and chill lol). Old fashioned isn’t bad at all. My friend sensational Whitney (comments below) is the same. I am a little more of an egalitarian when it comes to paying for dates and we have always differed on that lol. Thanks again for sharing!!


  5. also I am sharing this everywhere!

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  6. Yes yes yes! All 5 of these are so true.

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    • So glad you agree lol! Right after o wrote this, a guy that I used to want to couch hang with, asked me if I wanted to couch hang tonight. Lol how ironic! I bet he read this and figured it would be funny lol

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  7. Great post!
    It would actually take me awhile to have a couch date…. Couch dates make ppl lazy. What ever happened to that nervous feeling of wondering what should you wear, does the dress make you look fat, or is the tie too much? Is anything old school anymore?

    I just want that old thing back…. :)

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    • Girl me and you both. What’s worse about couch dates is that men don’t even use them for the one thing a woman really wants it for – to cuddle. The whole time they are just waiting to leap into your pants! Who wants to cuddle when I know this? Lol


  8. Very good… I feel you on those… I fall in the section, guy with no car. Then again, if the lady drives, I would never ask her for a ride or drop me off, we meet, you go home, I go home, or we both going home. If so… But then again I live in New York City, there is a bus or train available in any direction less than 5 blocks.

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  9. You said it all. This list is perfect.

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