Day 7: What Were Your Favorite Childhood Toys?

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Hey nosies,

Oh man! There were so many toys that took me to another place when I was a child – some of which I don’t even know the name of. Do you recognize any of these?












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19 Comments on Day 7: What Were Your Favorite Childhood Toys?

  1. Wow. This bright back lots of memories! I had the ring toss and lite brite.

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  2. Nintendo Gameboy lol! I used to lock myself in a room with that thing :P ….once played with the ring toss at my cousin’s hehe how time flies. Amazing post Jo, just had a major flash-back :)

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  3. No toys growing up. :-/ ha, kidding but I don’t remember having many toys. I played outside a lot. Loved my bike then the Nintendo…mortal combat game

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    • o0o I loved MK. Did you ever play Punchout or Doom? I was always into fantasy play games like dollhouses, diaries, mall madness, etc. I liked anything where I could just pretend. Hmmm not much has changed haha

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      • I don’t remember anything about MK, just the ability to freeze. Lol, and I don’t remember punchout or doom. I don’t remember playing pretend…except one time I had a tea set that I went out side and played by myself. My mom yelled at me that day because I came in sniffing…got sick after that I’m sure. It was mid winter lol. Keep playing pretend though lol

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  4. Well! My favorite childhood toys were Easy Bake Oven, Uno, Electronic Simon, and my Cher head that suctioned to the floor or table as I styled her shoulder length hair. I loved that toy!!!!! Lol. And I couldn’t get enough of Simon, especially in the dark was the coolest! One other favorite of mine growing up was large coloring books that were so big I had to lay them on the floor to actually color in them! Good times! Good times!😄

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