Day 6: What is Your Zodiac Sign and Does it Fit Your Personality?

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Hey nosies!

Well it doesn’t take rocket science to realize that I got off track with my 30 day challenge.  But do you know what my horoscope says today?

People are asking too much of you now, Taurus.

Ha! Like always, my daily horoscope seems to know exactly who or what is to blame for my shortcomings in life :).  But seriously, I have been extremely overwhelmed with my emotions and obligations this week – but mainly with my emotions.

This is going to sound incredibly ridiculous but I’m saddened by the loss of love right now.  Not of a particular person – but with the loss of my receptiveness of it.  I’m struggling with accepting affection.  Its driving me insane because Taurus’ are known for being strongly emotional and nurturing.  Heck, my knee-jerk reaction to everything is love!  But for once in my life, love and the idea of it has never felt further away. People hold my hand and I feel nothing. People kiss my neck and I feel nothing. People try to cuddle with me and I feel nothing – just numbness.

Its like I see people and don’t even feel connections. I feel like everything I hear from men is BS.  Everything they do feels like a scam…so much so, that I just can’t connect anymore.  I’m staring at people while seeing no one.  I’m unsatisfied.

And no, I can’t just fake the funk in an attempt to get out of one.  Taurus’ are very practical. Things have to make sense for us to be moved by it.  So if I feel lonely when on a date, its not therapeutic for me to psych myself out and continue going on dates.  Needless to say, all of my social activities have ceased right now.  Someone can ask me to hang out via text and I’ll just roll over in my bed and ignore it.


Considering that Taurus’ are homebodies (and lovers of Netflix – this may be just me), my funk hasn’t been as depressing as it could be.  But seeing how we are known to stubbornly cling to our own ideas and habits (in other words – I don’t listen and I hate change), I’m not sure how or when I will get out of the funk.

It’s crazy because Taurus’ are great at understanding the needs of others, but here I am unable to understand what I myself need.   I guess its true what they say about us…we struggle with balancing emotions and intellect.  Because my mind is telling me “yes” but my body is telling me “no” :(

My horoscope tells me I love traveling…and that I’m particular when it comes to finances and spending.  But I’m broke this month and can’t afford to get out of bed.  Even my horoscope is full of shxt…must be of the male species..



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21 Comments on Day 6: What is Your Zodiac Sign and Does it Fit Your Personality?

  1. I enjoyed your post if you have some free time check out

    How Do People Express Love?

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  2. Oh Josie! To hear you are not receptive to love saddens me, but I thought about it and I think maybe you are taking a break from the BS. When the right dude comes along, and he will, your senses will awaken and you will get that old thang back. Love you girlie! Keep your head up.

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  3. what’s your sign, your size and your number? :)

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  4. this one is deep…Well I think it’s all a phase. We go through things to turn out better on the other side at times. When we win at things, we mostly know its a good feeling because we experienced losing and the bad feeling so much, it’s a drastic change so we change.

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  5. Sounds like a bit of misanthropy, hmm. And, if you don’t respond to those text messages, girl. Argh, that’s my biggest pet peeve. Like I reach out to you and you slam the door in my fast with each passing Hour of your lack of response. Do you see the damage you’re doing? You’re being contagious. Haha. Buy some half priced chocolate Monday…nothing with a kiss on the neck oh my. Lol…hoping soon it passes

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    • I think misanthropy isn’t too far off. Wow…that’s enlightening right now. I am disappointed with the loss of humaneness. And if you text me, I promise I will reply lol. I don’t want those problems haha! :D – I can dig the 1/2 priced chocolate! Today is half off movie day so maybe I’ll head there tonight.

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  6. Nicole Cherise // February 9, 2016 at 10:21 am // Reply

    Yeah Hun, I’m sadden to read this but I respect your honesty. A dear friend of mine is going through the same. She just feels disconnected from everyone and everything. Sometimes it’s a break up or a void in life that’s not being filled so it throws everything off. I hope things get better Xoxo

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    • I think you hit that on the nail because its affecting my attitude about work right now too. Everything just feels broken. I want to fix it arrghhh. Is your friend doing anything to try and change her mindset?


      • Nicole Cherise // February 9, 2016 at 12:12 pm // Reply

        She says that she seeks calmness from reading the daily bread and I do see a difference in her but her guard is still up. I say tackle what is the corporate issue you are dealing with. It can be from the past or something new what ever it may be, face it straight on. I’m here if you need to chat in private.

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  7. Aww, sorry to hear you’re going through this. My friend is going through something similar. She wants a relationship and love but anytime she goes on a date, she’s disgusted by it. The thought of actually being with a man right now is something she cannot open herself up to. I am going to give you the same advice, I gave her. Maybe for right now just focus on yourself. Go on adventures with your friends or even by yourself. You can’t force love if you’re just not into it.

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    • Is she a Taurus? Maybe its a Taurus thing right now. She literally sounds EXACTLY like me. That’s why I stopped forcing myself to go on dates – because I would want to throw up in my mouth at the experiences I was having and I became bad company.. I can try focusing on myself (although the friend adventures sound pretty appealing now that you mention it). I think I’m going to do that. I’ll invite a girlfriend out with me somewhere tonight. Thanks friend! If only you were here lol


      • She’s actually and Aquarius but she really is going through the same thing. She’s gotten to a point where she’s given up on dating and I think that’s a good thing. It’s obvious when you’re not into dating and go anywhere. Take some time away from dating and then when you enter back in it’ll probably be a lot better!

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  8. Josie!!! I feel exactly the way you feel right now…..and I’m a Scorpio! I recently went out to a museum social event and there were a lot of guys there and I just could not!!! I did not even give eye contact. (Like you) It’s hard to know if they are being genuine or have an agenda. As for my social life, I roll solo these days.
    Scorpios are known to be a bit introverted, but what I have done recently, is to start reading other zodiac sign descriptions and believe it or not, I find similarities. People are different, but they are not so different!
    Wonderful post!

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