Day 5: What Are Your Favorite Comfort Foods and Why?

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Hey nosies!

Does wine count as comfort food? :/ because if it does, you can ignore the rest of this post :)

This is going to sound really weird but my idea of comfort food includes a little of everything all in one session… When seeking comfort, I make a BIG pit stop for all of the following yes, in one night):

1. A piece of chicken (Popeye’s preferably…spicy)

2. Whoppers candy (only if Reese’s isn’t available of course)

3. White Castle burger (without cheese…that’s too much) and a small fish nibbler (with cocktail sauce)

4. A taco supreme …hard shell (if I’m seriously depressed, I get cinnamon sticks too (or the Mexican pizza)

5. Funyons

6. Hot fries

7. Water (bottled…its a special occasion)

And then I pass out mid consumption :D

I just made a run today actually. I couldn’t get everything I wanted though :(





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9 Comments on Day 5: What Are Your Favorite Comfort Foods and Why?

  1. 🎵 You and me, girl it’s plain to see…that we got something in common 😂 I LOVE FUNYONS, just because they’re funyons! And I LOVE REESE’S!!!! There especially good when I have a sinus headache ( peanut butter is great medicine!). I love me some carmel/caramel, chocolate brownies and popcorn. Put the three together ( Can you say Zebra popcorn from Popcornopolis??!!!) and aaaaaaahhhh!

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    • You would LOVE some Chicago popcorn then – Garretts. Have you had some before?! Me and you would have the best girls night. I wish we could take ALL of the blogging girls and have a party lol

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      • I AGREE! 🎵You and me, girl it’s plain to see that we, we got something in common …. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
        We WOULD have such a great girls night out!!!😛 FOR SURE!!! Let’s make it happen!!!!!
        And YES, I have had Garrett’s popcorn. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. LOVE IT!!!I even have a Garrett bucket! 😄 I will bring it with me for a refill for girls night out!!!!

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  2. A world without Reese’s is and empty world, just saying!

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  3. Hot fries makes us two

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  4. Wine, burger and fries…. for sure! He he he.

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