Day 10: What Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

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Hey nosies!

Sounds like this challenge question is asking for a confession huh?!  Okay cool, I’ll dish – I have a slight “thing” for conversing with men that I have never met in person. Ah! I know, I know…weirdo.  I’m pretty sure this started with my addiction to virtual chatrooms as a teen.  I grew up a “nerd” – one that was somewhat easy on the eyes- but a nerd nonetheless.  I was never the first pick of the bunch with the cool kids, so to speak.  So I always felt a bit awkward in social exchanges.  And as for dating…

Talking to local men was always frustrating for me.  I wasn’t even stimulated by the basic conversations that they offered.  They didn’t “do it” for me and I always felt a void for substance.  So where did I get my fix?  Online…where all of the deep, socially awkward intellects with substance gathered.

It became the norm to stay up past midnight; staring at the computer screen until my eyes felt the burn.  I loved holding hourly conversations without physical distractions.  When I talk to men online or on dating sites, I see an openness and depth that I don’t get in person.  The conversations are filled with questions of purpose rather than small talk.  I love that!  It’s amazing what happens when you’re no longer allowed to rely on your nonverbal’s…




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11 Comments on Day 10: What Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

  1. I like my non-verbals though -_- lol

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  2. Interesting, it goes along with what you said about how you’d rather o on a blind date rather than with someone you’ve known for a long time . I get that. For some reason, if you’ve known me for a long time I feel the need to give you what expect and I feel too reserved to show the real me. It’s weird. Omgosh, social awkwardNess ALL me! Are we kin. Lol I promise I’m worse. I promise. I can blend in sumxs but usually it creeps out haha.

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    • We are definitely one in the same lol. I bet people think you’re a social butterfly too and invite you EVERYwhere! They’re reactions are hilarious when I decline their invitations on the basis of being a loner lol.

      So when you’ve known someone longer, you feel more inclined to hide the real you? I don’t hear that too often! Usually its the reverse. Is it because you’re unsure if they will accept you as you grow into a different person or is it for another reason?

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      • They definitely know that I’m an introvert. There are a few ppl that get to see my silly, corny, sarcastic side. But, what I mean is that some people think that I’m just this quiet and polite person. I am that,but there is so much more. So, there is this guy I’ve known for years and he swears that I’m everything he’s looking for. But, I feel like nope…you haven’t seen the corny side, the awkward side, lol. So, I just feel more reserved around some ppl or I feel the need to be what they “think” I am. I guess that’s my own personal issue. But, only my closest friends say that I talk too much. I’m definitely on the quiet side. Not a social butterfly at all. And, yeah it’s hard to explain…but the longer you know me the more you’ll know about me yes. But if you say that you know me and I know you don’t it’s harder for me to share the real me. Like at work only about 3 out of 20 know my corny side lol

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        • Oohhh I totally get what you’re saying now. Work is definitely the place where I see more people thinking they know the real me (and they are mistaken). But them feeling as if they know the “total package” you, makes you want to avoid shocking them with the full scope, no matter how great that is . People at one of my jobs think I’m loud, down to earth, unprofessional and social. The ones at my previous job thought I was reserved, a recluse, professional and antisocial. It’s crazy because I am ALL of.those things and I wish I didn’t feel so inclined to keep certain parts of me hidden. Do you feel the same ?

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        • I sure do. I have the ability to be hilarious, but typically I revert back to shy girl mode lol. Maybe as we age it’ll change. And, I’m never loud. People tell me to speak up on the time. I can swear I’m loud and they are still tilting their head like huh, huh, huh….then in my head I’m like yooo, what’s up with that, do you have a hearing problem. Dang. Haha

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        • now THAT part is opposite for me. I’m SO loud when I DO socialize. Its so crazy!


      • Everybody can’t get the corny joke so I don’t share it because I assume they won’t accept it lol. What if they read this lmbo. 😂

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