Day 11: Put Your iPOD on Shuffle. Write Down the First 10 Songs

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Well I don’t have an iPOD but I put my music player on shuffle and this is what played:

  1. Who Dat – J.Cole (This makes me feel like I’m on drugs lol. It’s too … jumpy. I had to skip it lol)
  2. Well Be Fine (Feat. Birdman) – Drake (I’ve never listened to this song until now lol)
  3. I Want You (Girlfriend) – Pretty Ricky (yes, this has been in my playlist since 2009 and I still vibe to it)
  4. To Say Goodbye – Alicia Keys
  5. Say It With Me – Chris Brown (I don’t think I’ve ever even listened to this either)
  6. Come On Over – Sevyn Streeter
  7. This Ones For You (Feat. Trick Daddy) – Young Jeezy  (I love working out to this when I’m in my anti-men mode)
  8. Got Me Waiting – Fantasia Barrino (I adore this song but no one will never again have me waiting…believe that)
  9. No Love – August Alsina (I love love love this song. YES! Only because I remember being in this dark place….I may still be there, but without the sex :/)
  10. I’m Ready – Tevin Cambell (oh yes, I am a lover of old school music lol)




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10 Comments on Day 11: Put Your iPOD on Shuffle. Write Down the First 10 Songs

  1. Wow I feel so old after reading your music choices. I am familiar with the artists, but don’t know most of the songs. Smh

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  2. Okay, so I don’t know any of these songs except for Tevin Campbel. I’m pretty sure we are close in age right, lol!? I only remember JCole from seeing his CD in walmart and he was sitting on top of a house on a rooftop lmbo. I have heard of all of them…just have not heard the songs lol

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