Day 12: Bullet Point Your Whole Day

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Hey nosies!

As I write this, its 11:53 am. I officially feel pressured to have an awesome day in order to complete this blog challenge without any shame lol.  Lets see how it goes


  • Made my 1st fruit smoothie of the month (yes, I’m getting “fit-ready”).
  • Set up a table at a local community college to recruit students (work-related)(sat there for 3 long hours). I DID meet an amazing woman who talked with me about her life goals in helping women develop self-love.  It was so wonderful to hear someone reaffirm what I’ve been so focused on this year.
  • Posted my Truthful Tuesday video (check it out if you haven’t yet and start joining in the conversation every Tuesday)!


  • Met another amazing woman at my college visit, who happens to be a published author! Her name is Lena Edwards and she is the author of Tell Somebody.  Take a look and see if you’d like to purchase her book!


  • Drove like a madwoman to my apartment to pick up my wallet that I left behind. I need it to go to my next stop – TARGET!  Today Target is putting out their copies of The Wait by Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin. I can NOT risk not getting my copy.  The book is already sold out at every Barnes and Noble in Chicago and at the warehouse!
  • Got to Target and grabbed the only 2 copies of The Wait before they could even put them on the shelves.  One for me and one for my sis Sensational Whitney :).  We are on this journey together!


  • I also returned my cherished Walking Dead throw :(  but I kept the mug :)…decisions


  • Stopped by Barnes & Noble to return a book I purchased yesterday. Great book but I learned of the $9 eBook version of it and decided to save $10 (that’s dinner guys!)


  • Drove around downtown Chicago attempting to find a Bath and Body Works that didn’t require paid parking.  Why?  To return $50 worth of lotions and sprays that I purchased  on impulse last week.  Yes, I’m making returns today because I’m experiencing severe buyers remorse for every freaking thing I bought.  I was unable to find a store that didn’t require paid parking so…


…these came home with me again.  *sigh*

  • I did some student outreach for work and called 35 students -exhausting!  I work from home, if you don’t know yet. So I have the luxury of running errands throughout the day as I wait for my prospective students to get out of school for the day.
  • Went to the movies to see Race for my weekly solo date night. I have been waiting a long time for this movie to come out nosies! I got VIP seats for $6.50 becauuuuuseee I rock!  The movie was great – nothing to rave about in my opinion but it was an “audience clapper” at the end so….yeah it must have been a hit!


  • I’m in my bed now, doing some blogging before I pass out.  Hopefully my day wasn’t too much of a drag for you guys lol.  It was pretty decent for me ;)

Oh…someone wanted to kiss you goodnight :)


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Josie is an aspiring writer living in Chicago Illinois, inspiring self-love through her own tragicomic life journey. Follow Josie as she details her collection of dating fails, life lessons and heart-to-heart confessions with her nosy readers.

11 Comments on Day 12: Bullet Point Your Whole Day

  1. So it seems like your day was eventful. This seems fun! Can I join the daily blog challenge?

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  2. I just love Bath and Body Works! Oh and your little kitty is sweet. What’s his name?

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