Day 14: What is Your Earliest Memory?

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Hey nosies!

You should have seen me racking my brain for today’s challenge lol.  I thought trying to remember the first house I grew up in would help…and it did for a while.  I was able to place myself back on Ashland, a street where I spent most of my childhood.

My mom shared a duplex with my aunt, her boyfriend, my uncle and my 2 cousins.  I remember so much about this place; crazy fun memories…

  • My late uncle taking me biking across the street every afternoon, even though he was sickly.
  • The first mouse that ever ran across my feet.
  • Halloween parties in our backyard, jamming to old school jams with families, friends and BBQ.
  • My first kiss with my next door neighbor…oh how I crushed on this guy lol.
  • Walking to the candy store with my nickels and dimes.
  • The gunshots outside while I slept in bed…

But then I had another flashback that took me back even further.  Grants Farm.  As a child, someone (I don’t even remember who) took me to a farm where you could feed goats.  I was wearing this extremely thick Coogi-like sweater with my hair parted in two thick braids and barrettes on the tips.  I was so excited to feed the goats… I was having a blast  of watching them drink from the bottles.  But out of no where, the goats started ripping into my sweater instead! I pulled and tugged but my little arms weren’t strong enough to stop the hungry goats.  It was like an attack! At least that’s how I remember it – but I may just be traumatized.  I remember being so confused…why were they eating me?!  And why wasn’t anyone making them stop?  *SIGH* I didn’t leave that farm the same – and neither did my sweater :).  Not the greatest story, I know but I don’t know how entertaining your earliest memory could be!




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9 Comments on Day 14: What is Your Earliest Memory?

  1. I was about 3-4 years old smacking my dad over the head with a little plastic yellow baseball bat as he laid on the floor. After I did it I ran and locked myself in my bedroom.

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  2. One of my earliest memories is when my mom came home with my baby sister. I was about 3 1/2 years old. I remember laying on my grandma’s couch and my mom coming in and laying my sister next to me.

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  3. How horrible was that goat experience? I would run every rim I saw one of those creatures if that happened to me.

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