Day 21: What is One of Your Favorite TV Shows and Why?

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Hey nosies!

Who knows me?! Who knows me?! Just THINKING about my favorite TV show makes me want to lose control – WOO!

My favorite TV show of ALL TIME is


I started watching this show during season 2 or 3, I believe.  I was never into TV shows before this.  But the moment I started watching on Netflix, I couldn’t stop.  I binge-watched every episode TWICE.

My addiction goes beyond the screen.  I have purchased TWD merchandise, went to TWD convention to meet the actors, paid for a picture with one of the cast members, started a fan group on Facebook, etc.  I even pulled over on the side of the road to watch the mid-season premier for Season 6 via Skype.  Yes…I had someone prop their cell phone up near the TV while I watched on the side of the road via Skype.  Mhm…it’s real.  I also watch YouTube episode recaps to hear other people’s opinions and forecasts for future episodes.  I’m in love.  This is what love feels like.

Why I love this show…man.  The biggest reason that I love the show is because of the moral conflict that it causes internally for me.  I question my character so much when I watch The Walking Dead.  From wondering if I am the person that would kill to survive…or if I have the guts to eat a squirrel to survive…if I would end up lovers with someone that I wouldn’t have looked at pre-apocalypse.  Everything raises a question and it challenges me to look internally at who I really am and at my character.

I also enjoy watching the growth of the characters.  Seeing someone evolve, digress and progress right in front of me is awesome.  I like watching the dynamic between new personalities when they meet and interact.  I like watching and helping (in my mind, I actually help) the cast members develop creative and innovative ways to solve problems and conflicts. I love the surprises that arise with having to protect oneself from both zombies AND humans.  I like everything…I can go on and on but I won’t.  Or did I already?





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43 Comments on Day 21: What is One of Your Favorite TV Shows and Why?

  1. Everytime you mention the walking dead I’m disappointed in you lol. Kidding. A friend of mine would let me play the game that was out some years ago. Definitely bit my kind of show

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  2. cvaughan02 // March 9, 2016 at 1:04 am // Reply

    I approve this post! LOL!! Did you buy the additional episodes of the game?


    • haha I bet you do! I actually bought the game (disc vs. Xbox d/l) to save money on the additional games but returned it because it was scratched. I stopped playing and never finished it. Don’t tell me what happens, either. lol

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  3. I have never watched an episode you know…:(

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  4. I love TWD, too! For the reasons you already mentioned and more.

    Have you watched The Last Man on Earth? It’s a comedy series and touches on one of the things you mentioned liking about TWD, i.e. about coupling with someone you otherwise never would have considered. It’s a great show! I binge-watched it over the Christmas/New Year’s holiday when I was sick and holed up in my house. LOL

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  5. I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead but if I had to choose one show as my favorite of all time it would be a toss up between Breaking Bad and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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  6. My husband loves this show.

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  7. I love watching reality television. People are funny. It amazes me how some people think, act, do AND say. Sometimes, 🎵 It’s written all over your face; you don’t have to say a word. LOL. For example, I like to watch Parking Wars. It just cracks me up when people get mad for getting a ticket when they KNEW they were wrong in the first place. Hilarious. Speaking of hilarious, another show I love to watch is The People’s Couch. It’s you watching people watching tv shows and reacting to it, play by play. Soooo comical! I just finished watching Married At First Sight. Now, that’s an interesting concept! So, I watch.
    Saturday mornings I like to watch The Kitchen. I love to cook, so it’s always exciting to see food ( and it’s presentation) made.😄


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