Day 22: How Have You Changed Over the Past Few Years? Share Pictures

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Hey nosies!

I’ll admit that I was worried about writing this one at first.  My initial reaction whenever looking over my life is usually negative…and that’s because I tend to love who I used to be more than who I am today.  But when sorting through the picture albums on Facebook for this challenge, I saw that not everything has been for the bad. It’s funny how our minds are sometimes conditioned to remember things in a way that differs from reality.  So here is my picture explanation of how I have changed over the years.


Before I became a responsible adult, I felt like time was on my side. I lived so carefree and saw life as a big playground full of opportunities and joy.  Now I feel pressured and rushed to focus on responsibilities and obtaining success instead.


There used to be such an innocence about me…before the heartbreak, lack of trust, worry and fear.  I was so trusting and hopeful in ways that I no longer am.


I used to fantasize & daydream to get as close as possible to the life I envisioned for myself – even if that meant making an entire virtual life lol.  I became a loner at some point.  Sometimes I would turn down real dates just so that I could go on my pretend ones (which were so much better, I might add).  I don’t daydream or fantasize anymore…I’ve just accepted reality for what it is.


After losing my innocent outlook on life, I became an angry person; especially when the fantasies and daydreams stopped.  I walked around for years just looking for opportunities to take my anger out on someone.  This wasn’t a “mood” – it was a state of being for me for a long period in my life. I’m no longer angry :)


Not that I ever DISLIKED cooking…but now I absolutely love it as it brings me so much peace.  I don’t even care that my food tastes bland :/


I used to be very comfortable in large groups…very social and outgoing.  I even threw little social gatherings from time to time.  Now I feel so much anxiety in social settings where I’m surrounded by too many people.


This picture was taken in 2009 before my car accident.  My clavicle was broken in the accident and since then, I find it really hard to wear clothes that show my  body in that area. Very insecure about the lump that it left me with.


This picture is from a private blog of mine that I no longer visit.  It represents a time when I used to be extremely private and afraid to open up and share with people.  I’m now at a place where disclosure not only only easy for me but is also instinctive.


Before becoming a cat owner, I knew very little about what it meant to care for or “consider” someone else in my decision making.  Now I know what it means to hold someone else’s life in your hands … to be a provider for someone other than myself. 


I used to be afraid to speak up about important issues that mattered to me because I didn’t want to stir up any conflict.  But now I am vocal and loud with my views and what I choose to fight for; taking an unapologetic stand against those issues because my voice is as important as anyone else’s.



I used to be so hesitant to treat myself.  Now I spoil myself every chance I get – and shamelessly!


I used to have a very misguided view of love; one that was self-destructive and dependent.  Now I have learned what love really means and have developed a healthy relationship with it.




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26 Comments on Day 22: How Have You Changed Over the Past Few Years? Share Pictures

  1. I really enjoyed the rawness of this post and could relate to so man of the changes I myself have experienced in life. This reflection piece shows so much growth and love and acceptance and RAWNESS the kind you don’t really get to experience often, reading it gave me some fresh perspective on some thoughts and also makes me want to speak up more and go out and spoil myself…UNSELFISHLY! Life is so beautiful.

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  2. Aww I really loved this! It was so great seeing the photos and reading the little captions that showed how much you’ve changed and grown through the years.

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  3. What an awesome post! You have come a long way and have gone through some amazing personal transformations.
    And I must say… you are absolutely stunning. <3

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  4. cvaughan02 // March 10, 2016 at 2:05 pm // Reply

    ummm.. there’s so much here! I’d have to write a blog post to address it how I want to hahaha …So, in summation:

    that first smile is priceless! :-)

    We all lose trusting nature as we progress through life. it takes work to get it back, but Im 100% certain that you can and will… You can’t embody love like you do and not eventually find that attitude where trust is the default. I hope you find it soon. Hopefully I can help with that..

    I’ve had so many blogs (some private too).. I just can’t be That person lol.. I love how open you are with your life and feelings.. hardships and successes.. i consider myself an open book, but like with a limited readership lol

    lastly, I love the idea of developing a relationship with love! I’m gonna use that haha… seriously, that’s great! it makes me smile to see the strides you are making in that area!

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    • Thank you so much for seeing the great stuff in me :) Sometimes I feel like I’m the only who knows that I’m not so bad lol. And you can use my phrase but its going to cost you ;)

      OH! And you’ve already helped with that :)

      Lots of smileys there huh?

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      • cvaughan02 // March 11, 2016 at 5:22 pm // Reply

        hahaha yup, lotta smileys! that’s what I like to see :D I’m glad I could be a positive force in that area :)


  5. cvaughan02 // March 10, 2016 at 2:05 pm // Reply

    Oh and LOL @ your bland food! hahaha.. Get it together!

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  6. If you don’t show that clavicle! Nice pictures too. And, I don’t have many pictures of myself. It’s weird. Maybe I’ll stroll through Facebook and find something. Also, the bullet wounds heal. Sometimes you’re never the same, but eventually you heal. Megan is beautiful. And, her husband is handsome. Now, this book. I may have mentioned this before, but I hate books giving advice on relationships. Ugh. Also, who wrote the book Megan or him? I find it odd that these two are together. But, it’s none of my business lol. And,I’m happy for her because she seems happy. Still odd. I

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    • I hope you enjoy the book!

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    • You know what, I hate relationship books too – especially ones written by celebrities. But after I read LaLa’s and picked up a tip or two, I decided to give this a try too. So far, I’m not impressed. I’ll let you know how I feel at the end though. What’s funny is that I JUST asked the same thing about who wrote the book. It definitely feels like hiss hand is more in it than hers. What makes them an odd couple to you? I think I know the answer but I don’t want to assume lolol. And start taking more pics Queen!

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  7. Felt! Thank you for sharing.

    I really love “scars” and “flaws”-physical and emotional. I love hearing the stories behind them as they make me more comfortable with sharing the stories behind mine. I also love freckles, moles + birthmarks.

    Again, thank you for sharing. I think we’d get along famously in real life.

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