Day 25: Discuss Someone Who Fascinates You and Why?

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Hey nosies!

There is nothing that I enjoy more than a good conversation.  Hence the reason this blog was created!

A few months ago, I stumbled across a podcast that I am officially addicted to –  Negros with a Podcast.  I’m sure it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out what this podcast is about lol.  The creators describe it as:

Four negros. Four opinions. One podcast.

Yes. Yes. Yes!  As a minority, I can’t express enough how often I find myself craving conversations about specific cultural or racial topics/issues that specifically affect my community.  Not just any conversation either, but an intellectual one!  And as a black woman, there’s nothing I crave more than hearing the thoughts of an educated, black male.

These 4 men have not only enlightened me on issues that I was in the dark about, but they have also challenged my perspectives on the ones that I am aware of.  Because each of them are so different, you can always look forward to a strong debate (my favorite thing in the world lol).   You can also count on at least one of them representing your thoughts or views for this reason.  It’s almost as if I can just sit back and let my representative do the talking for me lol.

Whats crazy is that although the conversations can get VERY deep, it never feels that way because the vibe is so chill and personal.  It’s like you’re sitting on the couch with friends!

Ever since becoming a listener, my conversations have been intensified in the most awesome ways.  I contribute so much more to my conversations now and I take more away from those conversations as well.  Their podcast episodes are published weekly, so current events and hot topics are always addressed immediately!

Racial topics aren’t the only ones discussed.  Mannnnn these guys are so versatile…one minute they’re talking about generational wealth and police brutality…then the next they are discussing Kanye West, Valentine’s Day or Kobe Bryant.  Check out some of the most recent topics below and if any of them interest you, check them out!


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5 Comments on Day 25: Discuss Someone Who Fascinates You and Why?

  1. This sounds interesting! Thank you for sharing ;)

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  2. White, black, purple, or plaid I will give you some serious due when it comes to “debate” on any issues. I admire that with you. Always looking to stimulate a conversation!

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