12:11pm ][ where is my porch.

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I woke up this morning feeling amazing.  With no remorse, I allowed my body to remain sprawled across my bed for a good 30 minutes.  Through the exhaustion, my mind still found a way to drift into fantasies about my future.

Two story home with an attic. A yard that travels way beyond my front steps.  The trees…big, beautiful trees. They extend to the heavens.  The thickest one has a swing (for me, of course).  But above all else, I have a porch.  MY GOD do I have a porch.  Surrounded by grass the color of Crayola Green.  I’ve been fantasing about this porch my whole life. A porch to enjoy the childless view.

I should want kids.  I will…maybe…one day.  I’ll meet a man whose genes leave me so awestruck that I’ll be itching to replicate them.  But until then, a childless view.  

For some reason, my “future” fantasies always consist of me being alone.  I guess I’ve grown so accustomed to the solitude that even my daydreams have learned to embrace it.   When I picture my porch, I never see anyone in my perrifial.  But even still, I’ll sit…

I’ll sit for hours as I reminisce on today…the eye-level night sky fluttering endlessly with lightning bugs.  Crickets caressing me to sleep. Silent streets…

One day this will be my life.  But I have to leave Chicago first.

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12 Comments on 12:11pm ][ where is my porch.

  1. Refreshing…and I see that Crayola-green view from your porch too. ;-)

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  2. I dream about a home like this, too! And here in San Francisco, it’s just not going to happen. I’ve always had a thing for front porches… especially those big wrap-around porches.

    Though I have kids, you might be surprised to learn that I never imagined a future with kids until after I married Mars. (I never thought I’d get married, either. I didn’t think I was the marrying type.) And I never imagined I’d get divorced, either.

    Life has a way of surprising us! :)


  3. I’m excited for you + your stately home! It’s coming.

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  4. “one day. I’ll meet a man whose genes leave me so awestruck that I’ll be itching to replicate them.” WOW! That’s a powerful line.

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  5. Lmao! Good genes are so important! 😂 If we can’t find a man that can handle us, we can look out on the yard together.

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