12:19 am ][ restarting my life.

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Every night for the past week, I’ve logged into WordPress for journaling…only to stare at a blank white screen and a blinking cursor.  With so much on my mind, I couldn’t understand why I was at such a loss for words.  I realize now that it wasn’t a loss of words I was experiencing but rather a loss of energy.  My mind had been racing all week and quite frankly, I was exhausted from my own thoughts.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that something in my life would be changing soon.

But even still, I tried hard to ignore it.  It wasn’t until a string of bizarre and unpleasant events took over my week that I was forced to pay attention.

I was having dreams of my teeth falling out…crumbling (symbolic of inner collapsing, feeling old and as if you’re withering away in the wind).  Spiders kept finding their way inside of my car (a reminder that we weave our own web in life.  That if you’re unhappy with the reality you see before you, then its time to make changes). There was talk of my primary job coming to an end next year.  Some of my personal belongings and furniture was lost to Karma the week prior.  And I couldn’t stop fantasizing about the change that I wrote about on August 28.

I gave in and decided to put all of my energy into focusing on what life was trying to tell me.  It didn’t take long for me to figure it out.  Life was telling me to let go of something that I had been holding onto fiercely.  Security…the one thing that I’ve shaped my entire life around.

For years I have robbed myself of my time, my energy, my happiness, experiences, friendships, my dreams, my success…all in the name of financial security.  By giving everything I have to working two jobs, I’ve in turn given very little to myself.  Three nights out of the week, I get home at midnight.  I get six hours of sleep before having to wake for the next job.  I get one day off work each week…one day.  In that one day, I try unsuccessfully to fit in self care, home care, pet care, quality time with friends, personal goals and whatever else.  All because I’m afraid of losing my security.  But what is it that I’m fighting so hard to keep secure?  What is it that I’m so afraid of losing?  Because in all honesty… this safety zone has prevented me from gaining anything worth losing.

Up until Sunday, I had convinced myself that at 31, it was too late for me to redefine my goals; to change directions.  But now I understand that we have a choice in how we live our life.  So I asked myself… how bad do you want change?  Do you want it bad enough to go against your fears?  To abandon your comfort zone?  Are you willing to light a fire under yourself?  I said YES! Yes to myself.  And then I did it.  I quit my job.  Just my second one :).

I know it will be a financial struggle.  But trading my happiness for a paycheck has been a struggle of its own.  As much as I love Chicago, it has become an expensive obligation rather than a pleasure.  So next year, when my main job comes to an end, I’m doing something that I should have done on July 14, 2015 – relocating.  And seeing how some of my personal belongings and furniture was lost to Karma the week prior, I already have a head start with packing lol.

Even though this may seem like a small step, its the small wins that add up to the big ones.  I now have the time to start planning my relocation.  Sometimes you have to shut out everyone else when trying to figure out what works for you.  Instead of focusing on what other people are doing, let your own feelings, revelations and experiences navigate you.  Just like a spiders web, the life we construct can either serve us or enslave us.  I’m choosing to break the construct that’s enslaved me.  I’m setting myself up for a fresh start!

Nosy Josie heart JE8

ps: yes…I added another mug to the collection lol

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Josie is an aspiring writer living in Chicago Illinois, inspiring self-love through her own tragicomic life journey. Follow Josie as she details her collection of dating fails, life lessons and heart-to-heart confessions with her nosy readers.

32 Comments on 12:19 am ][ restarting my life.

  1. Good for you, Josie! I’m excited for your new beginnings. ❤️

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  2. Ah I love your writing SO much! And we have all been there, overthinking what we’re holding onto instead of really living.

    Come to Atlanta so we can be best friends!

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  3. Yes yes yes! I did this recently…except I didn’t trade my job security..rather I traded my comfort zone for something totally unknown….I moved to a state where I knew no one. With great risk comes great reward right? It’s only been 3 months, but, I haven’t regretted it yet. Everyone thought I was crazy, some still do. But, like Janet, what have they done for me lately??? So, I commend you on thinking outside the box and choosing YOU over everything else. I can’t wait to read all about it…document it every step of the way. What is waiting for you on the other side is gonna be ahhhmmmazziiing! When God makes you uncomfortable….time to grow. She is gonna do THAT!

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  4. Wow…big move, scary and may be worth it. Very same thoughts running through my head. The things to do to be happy and try for a life of dreams and what we want to do forever.

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  5. Bless you Josie! For being able to write such powerful posts everyday when you’re running on such little sleep. You should make blogging your full time job!! 😘 so excited for your big steps ahead. 31 is not late at all!! Where do you plan to relocate to, any idea??

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    • Thanks Emily! That really means a lot because sometimes I am just pooped =O. I would LOVE to make blogging my full time job but something tells me I would need a LOT for more followers or views lol. Any ideas? Let me know because I’m all for it! I definitely want to relocate out South – the Carolinas or Texas are on my radar. Have you been to either?

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  6. I completely understand what you’re saying. I often think that I’ve become a slave to money at the expense of doing what I love. I admire you for having the courage to make the change you want and more than anything wish u good luck.

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  7. Love that mug, beautiful! And I love ALL of this!

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  8. Follow your dreams and always do what makes you happy Jo…you’re so full of life and energy, don’t ever feel like its over :) …i’m equally excited about your move…a fresh start is all someone needs to realign their focus <3

    P.S. I know i'm late lol but im trying to read through all of them :D

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    • lol don’t feel pressured to read them all. I was a busy bee lol. As for moving – just last night I was looking for new jobs in Texas. I’m super motivated right now and I love feeling this way!

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